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Customized Catering Solutions in Seattle

Understanding the diverse needs of Seattle's events, West Hill Deli offers a variety of catering options designed to satisfy every palate. From our signature breakfast burritos to our luxurious party platters, our menu is tailored to make your event a culinary success. Let us help you create a personalized menu that perfectly complements your event's theme and dietary requirements.

Seamless and Stress-Free Catering Experience in Seattle

At West Hill Deli, we're committed to providing a seamless catering service that makes your event planning hassle-free. From the initial consultation to the event day, our team ensures every detail is handled with care. Our reliable delivery and setup in Seattle mean you can focus on enjoying your event, confident that your catering needs are expertly managed.


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Providing Top Quality Catering in Seattle

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American Classics, Filipino Cuisine & Northwest Flair

West Hill Deli specializes in providing exceptional catering services in Seattle, blending Filipino and American culinary traditions to offer a unique dining experience for breakfast gatherings, corporate lunches, and grand celebrations. Our meticulously crafted menu features locally sourced ingredients and global cooking techniques, ensuring a feast of flavors that will impress your guests.

Premium Seattle Catering for Every Occasion

Expand your event's culinary horizons with West Hill Deli's catering services in Seattle. Our vegetable sides, like Pinakbet and Laing, offer a delicious way to incorporate healthy options into your menu, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience for all your guests.

Deep Roots in Washington

Elevate your gathering with West Hill Deli's buffet selections, including the Filipino Fiesta and the Northwest Feast. Our buffets are specially designed to bring people together, offering a variety of dishes that cater to both Filipino and American tastes, making us a preferred choice for catering in Seattle.

Great Food, Nice People

Make every Seattle event unforgettable with West Hill Deli's popular catering choices, such as our Breakfast Grab N Go and Hot Lunch options. With our commitment to quality and flavor, we guarantee to elevate your gatherings, making West Hill Deli your go-to caterer for any occasion.


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