Published on Mar 13, 2024

Hello, Edgewood! 🌟 Ready to turn your next event into a culinary adventure? Look no further! West Hill Deli is here to elevate your gatherings with our exceptional catering services. Whether you're planning a small family get-together, a business meeting, or a large celebration, we bring our best to your table with a delightful mix of Filipino-American cuisine. Let's explore why West Hill Deli should be your go-to caterer in Edgewood, WA.

Exceptional Food, Unforgettable Events 🍴

Expertly Prepared Dishes: At West Hill Deli, culinary excellence is our mantra. Our chef, Gerold Castro, brings over 20 years of experience, infusing every dish with love, skill, and a dash of creativity. From vibrant Filipino flavors to classic American favorites, our menu is a testament to quality and taste.

Menu Diversity: Boredom has no place at your table with West Hill Deli catering. Our extensive menu ensures there’s something spectacular for every palate. From early morning breakfast spreads to sophisticated dinner feasts, we’ve got it all. Every bite is a journey to a world of flavor!

Catering for All Occasions: No matter the event type—corporate lunches, birthdays, weddings, or just because—West Hill Deli in Edgewood, WA, is your culinary partner. We're committed to making each occasion not just an event, but a memory to cherish.

Stress-Free Planning, Happy Hosting 🎉

We believe in making event planning a breeze. With West Hill Deli, you choose your favorites, and we handle the rest—from the food prep to the presentation. Enjoy being the host with the most, mingling with guests and savoring the moment, while we take care of satisfying everyone’s appetites.

Let's Make It Happen! 📞

Eager to make your Edgewood event the talk of the town? Give West Hill Deli a call at (253) 929-8632 or drop by our location at 3615 W Valley Hwy N, Auburn, WA 98001. Let's chat about how our catering can add that special touch to your gathering.

With West Hill Deli catering in Edgewood, WA, you’re not just planning an event; you’re crafting an experience—one filled with joy, laughter, and, most importantly, delicious food. Ready to dazzle your guests? Let’s make your next gathering a flavorful feast they'll never forget! 🌈

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